We have just had the AGM for 2013. It was well attended this year by committee and club members.

The meeting went well and there was a lot discussed.

The main points discussed were Membership, fees and payments, tournaments, PLI Insurance and clocks.

The way that membership money gets paid to PSRC at present is only by cheque and cash. After this membership renewal period is over we will be looking into online banking with the hope of getting BACS or Direct Debit or both sorted out so that members have an easier way to pay. You will however still need to fill out and sign the membership form and send this to the membership secretary.

Due to the fact that England Squash stopped their insurance coverage and the fact that we are operating as a club in a leisure centre we needed to get new PLI Insurance. This was sourced and the cost was met this year by PSRC. In the meeting after the AGM it was decided that the cost of membership needed to go up to cover the cost of this insurance. The cost of membership has not gone up for several years but it seems like the cost of everything else has, including the court costs!

For the new season April 2014 the new membership price will be £36 for adults and for juniors and seniors over 65 it will be £18.

I have already discussed with Mark Pearsall about sourcing new clocks to be placed around the squash courts that would be radio controlled to be able to keep accurate time. This is an ongoing discussion due to the constant changes of Managers at the Centre. I will try to get several placed outside the courts, on the balcony and in court 4.

There was also some discussion about Tournaments and the fact that we may be able to bring another one into our calendar. It was suggested that it may run on a similar basis as the Summer Teams. If anyone has any suggestions then please contact me.

I would also like to thank the committee for thier help with the running of the Club and also for staying on the committee for this year.

(Jo Waters, Michael Tierney, Adam Mudge, Richard Birkett, Mike Kateb, Nigel Wilson, Neil Robinson, Graham Rogers)

I would also like to welcome Raul Martinez to the committee and to thank him for volunteering his time to the club.

If there are any other members of the club that wish to come onto the committee then please don’t hesitate to contact me. Even if you don’t have a job to do you can always help out & support other committee members. Also being on the committee allows you to have your point of view and a vote!

Alan Ford