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Summer Team Prizes

Latest News Posted on 11 Aug, 2019 10:32AM

Richard Gage cashed in on Dave Hill’s very kind offer of a complete window wash which Dave donated and Richard won at the club’s recent Summer Teams raffle night. Thanks Dave….Great Service!

Devon Shield 2017

Latest News Posted on 18 Mar, 2017 01:31PM

The finals of the Devon Shield were held on Friday March 17th at Fort Stamford Squash Club.

I want to thank Royston for hosting the event on behalf of Plymouth University and to the two markers who gave thier time up. Wes Cullen and James O’Neill.

The Final:
Plymouth University v Paignton

First to go on were the no1’s. Luke Symer v Mark Bowey (Paignton). Mark went off very quickly, taking the 1st game 15/3. Luke warmed up but narrowly losing the 2nd game 12/15. Mark was too quick!!! for Luke winning the 3rd winning overall 3-0.

Next on was Cameron Green v Mark Griffiths (Paignton). The rallies were long but Cameron made a few more mistakes than Mark. Mark won 3-1 in the end.

Josh Taylor v Paul Garside (Paignton). Plymouth needed this to stay in the match. The 1st game was very close with Paul winning 15/13. The 2nd went 15/8 to Paul. Paignton only needed this game to seal the match victory. The 3rd match went the same way as the 2nd with Paul winning 15/8 winning 3-0 and giving Paignton the Devon Shield win.

2 more matches left, Julian Prow v Peter Reeve (Paignton) and Oscar Birch v Richard Birkett (Paignton).

Richard managed to reach most of the shots from Oscar. There were some very good rallies but Richard kept getting them back. Richard won 3-0.

Match of the night was Julian Prow v Peter Reeve (Paignton). Peter read the game very well and got to most of Julian’s shots. The 1st match went to Peter 15/9 but the 2nd (15/13) & 3rd (15/12) went to Julian. Peter fought back to take the 4th game to make it 2-2. The 5th went to Peter to win 3-2.

Paignton winning 5-0 (20-3) overall.

Paignton team with Bob Hefford (Chair) presenting the Devon Shield.
Bob Hefford/Mark Griffiths/Mark Bowey/Paul Garside/Richard Birkett and kneeling Peter Reeve.

More photos are online in the Picture Gallery.

To view the Score Card please click below:

Alan Ford

Devon Racketball Cup & Plate 2017

Latest News Posted on 18 Mar, 2017 01:29PM

The finals of the Devon Racketball Cup & Plate were held on Thursday March 9th at Newton Abbot Squash Club.

I want to thank Newton Abbot for hosting the event on behalf of Paignton Squash Club and to Louise for producing a lovely buffet.
A big thank you to the 3 referees on the night. Royston Sumner, Phil Hancock and Nigel Bell.

The Main Final:
Paignton Racketball v Culm Valley Racketball

Culm Valley started the tournament as a 9th seed. What an achievment getting to the Final!!!

The 1st string match went on first and was the closest match of the night. Richie Birkett (Paignton) v Paul Sandercock with a victory for Richie in the 5th 11/8.

Dave Hill (Paignton) won 3-1 v Duncan Lyon. Raul Martinez (Paignton) won 3-1 v Stuart Wilson. Graham Rogers (Paignton) won 3-0 v Tim Johns and the final match was Martin Glover (Paignton) v Mark Chattey.
Mark played well and was coming back in the 3rd match but Martin dug in to win 13-11 winning 3-0.
Paignton Racketball winning overall 5-0.

More photos are online in the Picture Gallery.

To view the Score Card please click below:

Alan Ford

Annual Review

Latest News Posted on 21 Apr, 2016 07:54PM

Paignton Squash &
Racketball Club Annual Review 2015-16 Season

Welcome to my
first annual review to go out to all members by email. It will also be posted
on the website and will hopefully go to the Herald Express.

The first
event on our calendar was the club championship. This is held in March / April
2015. Finalists were Kane Wilson v Peter Reeve. Kane beat Peter and became I
think the first ever Junior to win the Club Championships in our History. In
the plate was Nigel Wilson v Michael Tierney with Kane’s Dad winning against
Mike. In the Racketball it was Richie Birkett v Andy Mitchell. Richard winning
the championship for the second year in a row! In the Racketball plate it was
Richard Gage v Raul Martinez. Richard won in a close match beating Raul.

During the summer
it was extremely busy with Summer Teams events for both Squash and Racketball.
It was well represented and was a good success. It could be better as we need
more players to enter these events. This is an opportunity to meet other
members and to socialise during the evenings. The start of the summer teams
normally starting on the first Monday of June. To enter these events contact
Raul Martinez.

The next
event was the Handicap tournament which was held in September. In the
Racketball event Andy Mitchell beat Raul Martinez in a very close game. In the
plate Nigel Wilson beat Jill Hutchinson. In the Squash event Kane Wilson became
a double champion beating unfortunately myself Alan Ford 3-1, he is just too
good! In the plate Michael Tierney beat Ian Smaller.

We had 3
Squash men’s teams 3 Racketball teams (1 Ladies) involved in Devon Leagues this
year which starts at the end of September running until April. Congratulations
go to all players that represented the club and Special congratulations go to
Paignton Squash 1 men’s for Winning Division 1 Squash and Paignton Racketball 2
for winning Division 2 Racketball.

Also in Devon
Leagues there are Devon Cup events. Congratulations to Paignton Racketball 1
for getting to the Final of the Devon Racketball Cup. Unfortunately they were
beaten by Devon & Exeter in the final, which was held at the Devon &
Exeter Squash Club.

The final event
of the Year was the Doubles Tournaments held over January / February 2016. The
Squash Men’s doubles was won by Nigel & Kane Wilson who beat John Huxter
& Mike Kateb. Unfortunately the Defending Champions Dave Hill & I had
to pull out due to injuries. The Racketball men’s was won by Andy Mitchell
& Richie Birkett who beat last years defending Champions Neil Robinson
& Dave Hill (Injured). The Racketball Mixed Doubles won by Himani Gupta
& Graham Rogers against Alison Samuel & Mike Tierney. There was no
squash mixed doubles as all the ladies wanted to play Racketball.

We also have
a Squash & Racketball Club night held alternately on a Thursday night. Look
on the website main page for dates or look on the posters next to the squash
court doors. This is open to all members and non members of any ability. Don’t
be shy come along and have a go!

If you need
any info on the club go to
and if you would like to find out about Membership click on Join Here. This
will open an email to the Membership Secretary Richard Birkett. There is also
information at the Leisure Centre on the notice board above the squash courts.


Alan Ford

Paignton Squash & Racketball Club (PSRC)

Racketball Coaching

Latest News Posted on 24 May, 2015 08:55PM

Paignton Squash and Racketball Club –
Racketball Coaching and Exhibition Match by Tim Vail and Matt Baker
22nd May 2015, at Paignton Leisure Centre

Interest in the fast-growing sport of
racketball continues unabated at Paignton Squash and Racketball Club. Following
a very successful season in the
Devon Racketball Leagues – with Paignton Racketball 1st Team winning Division 1 and the newly formed 2nd team just missing out on
promotion with a 3rd place finish – the
first team captain, Andy Mitchell, arranged
an end-of-season coaching and exhibition match by Tim Vail and Matt Baker. Tim
Vail is the six-times British
racketball champion and Matt Baker has held
the British over-35’s title, along with British doubles titles.

Most of Paignton’s racketball players have
previously played squash in the Paignton internal leagues, and some have
represented the club in the Devon
Squash leagues, but are now playing mainly
racketball. In fact, since racketball began at Paignton three seasons ago, there
are now five internal racketball
leagues in the club – nearly as many as
there are squash leagues. Racketball is played on a squash court, with similar
rules, but using a slightly larger ball
and racket.

Following the evening’s
excellent coaching, Tim and Matt gave a superb exhibition of racketball tactics
and stroke-play, and showed why both of them are
ranked at the highest level. The evening
was finished off with a question and answer session, plus the presentation to
the racketball first team of the Devon
Mixed Racketball League Division One
winner’s plaque. Everyone left having learnt many new techniques and winning
strategies – and all
agreed that they had been privileged to
have had a visit from two top racketball coaches and

Tim Vail presents Paignton
Racketball first team with the Devon Mixed Racketball League Division One
winner’s plaque.

From left to right: Andy Williamson, Tim Vail, Andy Mitchell, Dave Hill, Bob Coates (plus Richie Birkett – not in photo)
Tim Vail and Matt Baker with Paignton
Squash and Racketball Club players and guests.
Article written by Keith Broome. Photo’s taken by Alan Ford.

Alan Ford (Chair) Paignton Squash & Racketball Club

Charity Kayaking

Latest News Posted on 17 Jul, 2013 08:13PM

I am letting all members know about a charity Kayaking Event being done by our own Neil Robinson!

10 August 2013

We are fundraising for the RNLI in Torbay. Our challenge is Kayaking 20 miles around the coast of Devon.
Click on the link below for more info and also if you would like to give a donation.

NEIL ROBINSON (FINANCIAL DIRECTOR, INTER-LINE SW LTD) Hi, thanks for visiting our page. Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor us and donations will be quickly processed and passed to charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity’s behalf where the donor is eligible for this. We really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.



AGM 2013

AGM Minutes Posted on 18 Apr, 2013 12:18AM


We have just had the AGM for 2013. It was well attended this year by committee and club members.

The meeting went well and there was a lot discussed.

The main points discussed were Membership, fees and payments, tournaments, PLI Insurance and clocks.

The way that membership money gets paid to PSRC at present is only by cheque and cash. After this membership renewal period is over we will be looking into online banking with the hope of getting BACS or Direct Debit or both sorted out so that members have an easier way to pay. You will however still need to fill out and sign the membership form and send this to the membership secretary.

Due to the fact that England Squash stopped their insurance coverage and the fact that we are operating as a club in a leisure centre we needed to get new PLI Insurance. This was sourced and the cost was met this year by PSRC. In the meeting after the AGM it was decided that the cost of membership needed to go up to cover the cost of this insurance. The cost of membership has not gone up for several years but it seems like the cost of everything else has, including the court costs!

For the new season April 2014 the new membership price will be £36 for adults and for juniors and seniors over 65 it will be £18.

I have already discussed with Mark Pearsall about sourcing new clocks to be placed around the squash courts that would be radio controlled to be able to keep accurate time. This is an ongoing discussion due to the constant changes of Managers at the Centre. I will try to get several placed outside the courts, on the balcony and in court 4.

There was also some discussion about Tournaments and the fact that we may be able to bring another one into our calendar. It was suggested that it may run on a similar basis as the Summer Teams. If anyone has any suggestions then please contact me.

I would also like to thank the committee for thier help with the running of the Club and also for staying on the committee for this year.

(Jo Waters, Michael Tierney, Adam Mudge, Richard Birkett, Mike Kateb, Nigel Wilson, Neil Robinson, Graham Rogers)

I would also like to welcome Raul Martinez to the committee and to thank him for volunteering his time to the club.

If there are any other members of the club that wish to come onto the committee then please don’t hesitate to contact me. Even if you don’t have a job to do you can always help out & support other committee members. Also being on the committee allows you to have your point of view and a vote!

Alan Ford



New Name

Latest News Posted on 17 Apr, 2013 11:37PM


This is just to let everyone know about the recent name change of Paignton Squash Club.

Due to the increasing popularity of Racketball it was felt that a change in name was needed.

The new name is Paignton Squash & Racketball Club. The new logo which we have adopted is below. Also the new abbreviation will be PSRC.

This logo will be used on all new information. The website has been updated and the next stage will be to change the signage around the Leisure Centre.

For the time being the bank account will remain Paignton Squash Club to enable the club to collect all the memberships for this year.

Alan Ford



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